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Ossi Pirkonen

Stumbled across this guy’s portfolio site. I really like some of his stuff and it looks as though he’s done done some recognisable commercial work too. Website is slightly annoying though, having to scroll all the way down to see all the work. Some thumbnails or links at the top perhaps, would be useful.


Portfolio site is online.

Image navigation bar

Needed some clues on coding my navbar with images and rollovers etc. and this tutorial looks like it’s going to be pretty useful. Haven’t tried it yet though, see how it goes!

Keep changing my mind…

final design

The most recent version of my homepage.

It has developed a great deal since my original idea (to keep the site very simple whilst still using my own drawings and designs etc.). Here the drawings themselves have become what the concept of the design is; to present my own work not only by publishing it on the site, but also through the design of the pages as well.

I intend for the subsequent pages to have a very similar background to keep a sense of continuity throughout the whole site and to make sure it is clear each page is part of the same site.

Developing design

After chatting with my tutor and looking at the other websites that use hand drawn techniques, it seems that most avoid any vector based images. My design below has very little of my own drawings on it, though the text is hand drawn,  and sits against a coloured background as opposed to something with a little more texture. It seems to detract from the style I am trying to convey by using my own drawings.


Hand drawn design

Here are a few sites that use sketched, hand drawn designs

A few images stand out for me,

hand-drawn-1 hand-drawn-2 hand-drawn-3

I especially like the second one because it seems to capture a very creative style without becoming over-complicated with endless drawings etc. The hand written text seems to do enough.

However, having said that I also really like the first one for the opposite reason!

Developing ideas…

Creating my own portfolio site.

My original idea had been to keep the site very simple; a small motif that ran throughout the whole site alongside navigation buttons directing the viewer to each section. I had always intended to design the logo/motif  myself. Homepage idea 1


Take a look at the website for illustration agency Breed London. Read More »

I’m online.

I was shown this website a few years ago by my Art Foundation course leader. The actual gallery is a great space but just flicking through the website is pretty fun in itself.